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First of all, welcome on my portfolio website! Congratulations on finding your way here. Why don’t you take a look around? You’ll find all kinds of nifty information, like who I am and what I do. Also, don’t forget to check out my social media, as I will post my latest work and projects there!


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Who am I?

My name is, as you might have guessed, Jens Gilis, I am 18 years old and a proud Interactive Multimedia Design (IMD for short) student at Thomas More in Belgium. I wish to become a great Art and Web Designer, as I am passionated by, well, art and web design!

I love drawing, either if it is on paper or on my laptop in Illustrator. That's why I am always trying to improve and learn new techniques, so I can keep creating new and fresh designs. I have been drawing all my life and I will probably never stop either!

IMD Challenge
Color contrast

I wanna be the very best! I really do. It might not look like it, but deep inside I am jealous of the people that I admire, people that are better than me. That does not have to be a bad thing though, as it is one of the many things that motivates me to work harder.

Pokémon is part of my youth, and it has taught me of one of the most important lessons in life: to never give up.

Although Bulbasaur still has to grow as a Pokémon, and I still have to grow as a designer, one thing is sure: we will be the best!

IMD Challenge

Some New Year's-themed e-cards, made for 5 important Belgian political parties. Click on the links above to see them integrated in their own websites.

Self Portrait
Illustrator drawing

A drawing in Illustrator by mainly using the pen tool and blur effects.

My logo!
Illustrator project

Ofcourse I made my own logo myself! Here you can see a how it is constructed and how it turned out in the end.

IMD Drawing

Typography exercise. Turn it upsidedown!

Smashing Magazine
January Wallpaper

Another wallpaper made for Smashing Magazine! A peaceful mountain landscape, to make you feel a little bit better in the boring and cold month called January.

Click here to download!

IMD Challenge
Negative Space

All the bombing in Syria really needs to stop. The people living there deserve better, they have the same rights as we have!

Smashing Magazine
November Wallpaper

My blue beany day themed wallpaper was one of the monthly wallpapers selected by the awesome people at Smashing Magazine!

Click here to check it out!

IMD Challenge
E5 Mode Gift Shop

All IMD students where challenged to make a new design for the gift shop of E5 Mode, a Belgian fashion company. This was my design, simple and clean!

IMD Drawing
3D Room

Exercise on drawing 3D rooms.

IMD Drawing
Still life

Still life drawing exercise.

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Whether you have a great idea you want to share, have a question or just want to say hello, please feel free to drop me a line.

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Illustrator & Photoshop

Need a new logo? Some illustrations? A set of some cool icons? Or an infographic maybe? Just let me know what you need, I would love to design it for you! I make sure every single project is original and perfected for your needs. With Adobe's Illustrator and Photoshop I can ensure top-quality results wich are optimized for use on the web.

Responsive Webdesign

If you either need a new website or a makeover of your old website, I can do it! Every website I make is responsive, wich means that it can be used on all screen sizes, ranging from smartphones to large desktop screens. Using the latest HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript code I'll make sure you have an awesome, interactive and user-friendly website!